can you turn in in the orange keystone light cans for a cash prize

Your chance of getting an orange keystone can is 1/2,000. Quite hard to get one but there will be no prize given in exchange for the can with the "special lining". It's only worth the beer that's in it.

If you have been lucky enough to find a Keystolope aka "the orange can", you have most probably danced around in celebration or told it to everyone you know. Those who are a fanatic of Keystone do not open it, but instead mount it on their walls to display (as you can see here).

Keystone lager is a product of the Coors Brewing Company located in in Golden, Colorado.

Coors Light and Blue Moon parent Molson Coors Brewing (TAP) recorded better-than-expected third-quarter earnings as its U.S. subsidiary MillerCoors boasted its best revenue growth in four-and-a-half years. Read more at Fox Business.

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