Where is george jung, martha jung, and their daughter now?

Anecdotal sources suggest that Mirtha Jung is living in the United States, in an undisclosed location. All that is known is that she is still alive.

His daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung, who finally visited him in prison about a year after the release of the movie Blow, lives in California with her husband and children.

As per Celebfamilia.com, Kristina Sunshine Jung was able to keep her life private even with the popularity of her father.

A Facebook page under Kristina Sunshine Jung states that she’s a writer and a poetess. She had received several comments about the release of her father. In one of her posts, she thanked people for their kind and even not so kind posts. She also mentioned that although she doesn’t post or update her account frequently, she’s able to read most of the messages.

George Jung was released on November 26, 2014 with 8 years of supervision. As per TMZ, George and daughter Kristina spoke on the phone shortly after he was released.

He was also reported to star in his very own reality TV show, titled ‘Poverty Súcks’, produced by Tremendous Films. The show is also about him rebuilding his relationship with his daughter, Kristina.

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