What is the recipe for garlic juice to repel snakes

Garlic juice snake repellent recipe:

Separate 10 garlic bulbs into cloves and add them to a blender.
Add 4 tbs. of garlic oil or vegetable oil.
Add 1 liter of water.
Blend ingredients and pour into a plastic container. Let the mixture sit covered for about 1 hour.
Apply the repellent to desired areas outdoors every three weeks and after it rains.

Some professional pest removers claim that existing store-bought or homemade repellents will not help keep snakes out of your yard or home. Instead, it is recommended that you mow your lawns regularly and install a two-foot high fence angled outward at 20 degrees around your residence.

In snake related news- French scientists recently discovered that toxins in the venom of the deadly black mamba have the potential to control pain better than morphine without side effects like dependency and a lowered breathing rate. A bite from such a snake can kill a human in less than 30 minutes.

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