What are the names of merida's little brothers in the disney movie 'Brave'

Merida's brothers, the triplets, are Harris, Hubert and Hamish.

Disney's 2012 movie Brave tells the story of Merida, an impulsive young lady and daughter to King Fergus and Queen Elinor. She is determined to carve her own path in life.

Defying the age-old and sacred customs, Merida's actions inadvertently unleash chaos and fury with the other Scottish Lords, and in the process she stumbles upon an eccentric and wise old woman who grants her ill-fated wish. The ensuing peril forces Merida to discover the true meaning of bravery in order to undo a beastly curse before it's too late.

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Thursday, February 09 2017
Source: http://movies.disney.com/brave/characters