What channel is the yule log on if you have direct tv?

Yule Log airs on Christmas Eve on WPIX-TV 11 in NYC. If Direct TV has WPIX, that's where you can find the program.

But since WPIX now runs programming from the The CW network and identifies itself as "CW 11", you can look for the programming ID "The CW" and see what channel its on. Channel listings can vary with your location.

To find out when and where your favorite TV shows, movies, sports and news are playing on Direct TV, see their TV Guide & TV Listings page.

Yule Log will air nationally on Antenna TV as part of a special 5-hour 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee presentation Christmas Day morning from 2am-7am (EST).

For the Antenna TV channel number in your area, check for your local cable provider by clicking here.

For updates, check out Yule Log's Twitter and Facebook pages.

The custom of burning the Yule Log goes back to, and before, medieval times. The Yule Log was originally an entire tree, that was carefully chosen and brought into the house with great ceremony. Find out more about the history of the Yule Log here.

Want to watch a Yule log burn on TV? Check out where to do it at Los Angeles Times.

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