Is alcohol illegal in alaska?

Not Legal Advice: With its low population density, Alaska has less strict laws regarding alcohol consumption where it is allowed, but there are many ‘dry’ townships where alcohol cannot be consumed or purchased.

The Alaska State Legislature has enacted laws that provide a method for communities to control and impose certain limits on the availability of alcohol in a community.

The local option laws are found in Title 4 of the Alaska Statutes and Title 3 of the Alaska Administrative Code (AAC), and provide the method for either a municipality or an established village to impose these limits. The law requires community involvement through the petition and local option election process.

If a community decides not to allow alcoholic beverages, it is called a dry community. If the community allows limited amounts of alcoholic beverages, it is called a damp community.

Damp communities enforce limits on alcoholic beverages carried into the community, and the State of Alaska enforces limits on alcoholic beverages purchased by mail from package stores. You may need a permit from your community government to buy and/or possess alcoholic beverages.

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Wednesday, September 07 2016