How much Psy gets paid from YouTube for his Gangnam Style video?

Those figures are not publicly released, but if “officialpsy” is a YouTube partner, then PSY will earn money for each view of his videos ($2.50 to $5,00 per 1,000 views), each subscriber ($0.05) and each channel view ($0.01 per channel view). For just the views of the Gangnam Style video, PSY could be earning between $615,668.95 to $1,231,337.90 if he is a YouTube partner.

Over the last month, the video is receiving 8.5 million views per day on average, and is now up to 246 million views. With over 2.44 million “likes,” the video is now the most “liked” video on YouTube according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Monday, September 24 2012