How much does a nfl water boy get paid

While the NFL does release salary information for its players, NFL water boy/girls are typically unpaid or stipend interns under the direction of the equipment management staff. The NBA has a similar position, and its water boys/girls make up to $100 per game. Some receive tips for their work while others may work for tickets to games.

Water boys/girls are also known as towel boys/girls. Part of their duties include cleaning and rubbing down the footballs to make sure they are easier for the players to grip. They also pass out clean towels for the players to wipe their hands and faces when needed.

During a recent Washington Redskins game at MetLife stadium, Robert Griffin III collided with a water boy who was standing on the sidelines. The collision caused him to spill water on a Washington Redskins player. Watch the video by clicking here.

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Thursday, October 25 2012


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