How can u tell the expiration date on grizzly tobacco cans

Grizzly utilizes the same dating system as Kodiak, which is at the bottom of the can. There's a lot of letters and numbers on the bottom, but you only need to check the last two. That will state when the product was made (Example: 418N117D6 - D6 means it was made in April of 2006).

Grizzly tobacco was introduced by the Memphis based American Snuff Company in 2001. Over the years Grizzly tobacco has become the best-selling smokeless tobacco product line in the United States. They hold more than 25% of the total market, and just about 50% of the total Wintergreen flavor market out of all of its competition in the United States.

Of interest, according to Washington Post volume for its smokeless tobacco brands that include Grizzly and Kodiak rose more than 9 percent compared from a year ago. The brands had a 33 percent share of the U.S. retail market, which is tiny compared to cigarettes.

Just recently, Rhode Island’s capital city on Monday asked a federal appeals court to uphold two ordinances that ban the sale of flavored tobacco and restrict stores from offering two-for-one discounts for tobacco products. Find out more at Providence Eyewitness News.