Best cream for radiation burns?

Not Medical Advice: Lidocaine is one of the ingredients in RADX Radiation Therapy Cream so it is especially soothing for painful burns. Other non-prescription, popular radiation lotions and creams are My Girls Cream, DermaQOL Relief Therapy Cream, and Alra Therapy Lotion.

Gel sheets can also be used for extra relief over the radiation creams - Cool Magic gel sheets or the LindiSkin Cooler roll are such products.

You can find a wide selection of products for radiation burn care at:; T: 2019950036, 18665483367 (toll free); Email: Also, see; T: (610)6493900, 1(800)3804704; Email:

A number of choices can also be purchased at with plenty of customer reviews available to assist you in finding the best product to meet your needs.

Speaking of radiation, Pong, a protective iPhone case maker, has teamed up with design house Ideo to create a stylish iPhone case that shields potentially harmful cell phone radiation. According to DeYoung, the newest Pong products can reduce radiation absorption by up to 89%.

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Wednesday, June 19 2013