Why did nelson mandela and winnie mandela get a divorce?

The 38-year marriage of Nelson and Winnie Mandela formally ended in 1996 when he asked for a divorce. It was reported that Mrs Mandela was having an affair with lawyer Dali Mpofu. After discovering love letters between the two, Nelson became convinced of her infidelity.

Since being freed from prison in 1990, he said he had felt nothing but "loneliness" living with his wife and in 1992, he announced that their love story was over. They separated after Mrs. Mandela was sentenced in the kidnapping of four youths by her bodyguards. One youth was murdered by members of Mrs Mandela's bodyguard team.

Speaking of Nelson Mandela, his grandson Kweku was present at the 6th Annual Sundance Collective Conference in Park City, Utah in order to promote the documentary Beyond Right and Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness. You can view the film online here beginning February 2014.