When you sell plasma for the first time do they drug test you at biomat plasma center houston texas?

It is not stated in their website if Biomat USA will conduct a drug test if you are going to donate plasma. According to Grifols, health screenings include having a small blood sample taken from your finger, having your vital signs checked and being asked a series of questions. They conduct a screening every time you donate to make sure you are in general good health and meet the plasma donation criteria.

All donors must be screened for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C at each donation using nucleic amplified testing (NAT), a state-of-the-art testing method that tests for the DNA particles of the virus. In addition, each plasma donation is tested for antibodies that the body produces in response to a virus. These screening tests are performed at the Grifols laboratories and are not formal medical diagnosis tests.

Plasma donors must weigh at least 110 pounds (50kg), be in generally good health and meet the age requirements of their specific donation center.

Potential donors must undergo a thorough screening and selection process that begins with a medical exam. At every donation, donors must complete a comprehensive health history questionnaire to rule out individuals who engage in high-risk behaviors or live unhealthy lifestyles. Vital signs are checked at each donation, and blood samples are taken for screening tests to rule out transmissible diseases such as hepatitis and HIV and to check for proper liver function.

To be eligible to donate, you must have a valid photo ID, proof of residence and proof of Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification number. To find out which documents you need to bring, check out the First-Time Donor Checklist.

Following a few recommendations before, during and after your blood donation can help you make your donation experience as safe, successful and pleasant as possible. Check out Tips for a Successful Donation at Redcrossblood.org.

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