When you sell plasma for the first time do they drug test you at biomat plasma center houston texas?

It is not stated in their website if Biomat USA will conduct a drug test if you are going to donate plasma, but they will ask you about any drug use. They will conduct a medical screening so they will know if you are qualified to donate.

Through this procedure they will further determine your appropriateness to donate by taking your vital health signs, (weight, blood pressure, pulse and temperature) obtaining a test sample to measure your hematocrit (measures how much space in the blood is occupied by red blood cells) and your total protein (the amount of protein in your plasma) through a small drop of your blood that they extract through a pinprick on one of your fingers.

A series of high risk behavior and medical history queries will also be asked.

In addition, each plasma donor is screened for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV at each donation using NAT, a newly implemented state-of-the-art test method. Persons infected with these viruses are immediately disqualified from the donation process, referred for treatment, and are added to a National Donor Deferral Registry.

Following a few recommendations before, during and after your blood donation can help you make your donation experience as safe, successful and pleasant as possible. Learn more at Rredcrossblood.org.

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