What's the difference between select oysters and standard oysters?

The difference between standard oysters and select oysters is with their size.

“Select” oysters are defined as high grade oysters as they are more consistent and uniform in shape. "Standards" vary in shape and size therefore they are typically sold cheaper than their prettier counterparts.

Shucked oysters are generally designated into four grades according to size. The largest are called counts, with the group designated as not more than 160 oysters per gallon or below 160 per gallon, depending on area/locale and type.

Extra select oysters are the next largest oysters in size. These generally fall into ranges of either 161 to 210 oysters per gallon or 160 to 189 per gallon.

Select oysters normally range from either 210 to 300 oysters per gallon or 190 to 239 per gallon. Standard oysters, the normal sized and smallest oysters, usually fall into ranges of either 300 to 500 oysters per gallon or 240 to 400 per gallon.

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