What is a botched circumcision

Circumcisions can be botched in many ways. The most common mistake is to remove too much penile shaft skin which can result in excessive bleeding and an attempt to cover the wound with skin from the base of the penile organ. The length of the penile organ is reduced when the wound heals. The junction of the scrotum and the penile organ is pulled onto the shaft, and pubic hair will appear on the shaft of the penile organ at the age of puberty.

Another result which requires surgery and often results in an unsightly bulge of skin in the mid-shaft area is the "burying" of the penile organ in the pubic fat pad. On occasion, the round end of the penile organ can be cut off in whole or in part. If it's not urgently re-attached the boy will have a serious and permanent disfigurement.

In the news, a boy has been awarded more than $1.3 million when he suffered partial amputation of his penile organ during a botched circumcision when he was just 12 hours old. The boy, now 5, was left with moderate scarring and is at risk of altered nerve sensation.

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Monday, August 18 2014

Source: http://www.thecircumcisionlawyer.com/FAQs.aspx

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