Is harvey levin married&does he have children

While we found no report of him getting married and having children, Harvey Levin opens up about being gąy.

The managing editor of and executive producer and host of TMZ on TV does get personal about growing up gąy in an essay published today by the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

‘When I was a teėnager, I found myself in a profound internal struggle – what I perceived as a mandate to live a “straight” life, despite contrary feelings that were welling to the surface,’ Levin writes in The Center’s Vanguard Now.
‘I thought I did a pretty good job sublimating those feelings, but someone close to me had a good sense of what was really going on. That person went on with what felt like a homophobic campaign, denigrating LGBT people with epithets and snide comments – without ever confronting me directly.
‘That was my first encounter with anyone who suspected I was gąy, and it scarred me for many, many years. I tried harder than ever to lead a “straight” life.’

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Friday, November 25 2016