How much is 80 grams of gold worth today

As of today January 21, 2014, gold price per gram is 39.94 US Dollars. For 80 grams of gold that would be 3,195.20 US Dollars. Check out updated Gold Prices by gram at Goldpriceoz - Gold price per gram.

Gold prices are extremely dramatic, affected by the supply and demand, the policy of central banks and the international monetary fund, the value of US dollar, the state of economy, war, invasion and national emergency.

From MarketWatch, gold will average $1,209 an ounce this year, judging by recent forecasts from six big banks. That average of their individual calls represents a drop of 14.5% from the precious metal’s average price in 2013 (which was $1,413 per ounce, according to a Deutsche Bank note). Find out more here.

UBS gold bars with mirrors

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Tuesday, January 21 2014