German company, and one of the world's leading cosmetics supplier. It starts with W?

The answer is Wella!

It's the days of the German Empire in 1880, and an ambitious 25-year-old hairdresser Franz Ströher starts his own business. Ströher makes hairpieces and wigs that adorn the heads of the fashion-conscious of the time. Ströher's breakthrough product is a revolutionary invention called the Tullemoid Waterproof.

Demand increases, as this is the first product to both waterproof and secure the wig. It goes on to be a big hit and Ströher sets up his first factory in the town of Rothenkirchen (Saxony) in 1904. Ströher's business thrives for the next twenty years. Vision and innovation are what the company was founded on. These values remain inherent today.

Wella's beauty business flourishes with the licensing of brands such as Mont Blanc, Trussardi, Marc O'Polo, Max Mara and Gerry Weber. Innovation moves faster than ever and Wella produces its annual hair fashion collections - Trend Vision - which becomes an inspiration to stylists everywhere. This evolves to become the Trend Vision Award, a univeral hairdressing competition created to encourage vision and new style - values the company were founded on one hundred years before.

The company extends throughout Asia/Pacific, bringing hairdressing innovation to every corner of the world. Wella is acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2003 and the respective hair and fragrance businesses are combined. With its salon industry under P&G Professional Care, Wella is now part of the biggest company in the world.

According to SalonToday news, Wella’s charity challenge: Salon Red supports Lost N Found Youth. Find out more here.

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Tuesday, August 06 2013


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