Whats the most expensive thing someone has found on storage wars?

So far, the most expensive item found on the A&E TV show "Storage Wars" was a large batch of newspapers printed the day that Elvis Presley died, worth approximately $90,000.

Dave “The Mogul” Hester won an auction for $1,300 on Episode 7 of Season 1, entitled "Senior Center Showdown," which was first aired on December 22, 2010. In the storage locker were 3,000 copies of the "Memphis Press" and 3,000 copies of "Commercial Appeal." After 2 full seasons and a total of 51 episodes, this has been by far the most expensive item found on the show.

Hester made about $89,000 on this locker, and the closest profit from any one locker to this was one in which he profited $27,650 in July of 2011.

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