Is brooke hogan married 2 bully ray of tna or is it bullsh t?

No. Brooke Hogan is not actually married to Bully Ray of TNA. Their marriage ceremony at TNA Impact in Orlando, Florida on January 17, 2013 was just an act that was part of a TNA storyline. Also, though they both said "I do", the ceremony was interrupted before the Justice of the Peace could declare them man and wife.

It's uncertain whether the wedding would have really been official if they wanted it to be, as it was unfinished and it's unknown if it was a properly licensed wedding. It was also confirmed by blogger Perez Hilton two days later that Brooke Hogan still listed herself as single on her official Facebook page. Previous to the wedding, there was a whole storyline about Brooke wanting to marry Bully Ray, while her father Hulk Hogan mostly disapproved of the marriage. Brooke and Bully Ray have not said that they're married or dating after the event, and they haven't been seen together publicly either.

A minor controversy occurred around January 28, 2013 when Hulk Hogan tweeted a picture showing Brooke's legs on his own Twitter account and provided the caption "Brooke's legs". Many felt it was inappropriate, but Brooke later defended her father by saying it was just a father being proud of his daughter.