In MASS EFFECT 3, if I choose not to have Sedaris released from prison on the Citadel what do I do next to proceed

In November 2007 Microsoft released the sci-fi role playing game “Mass Effect.” The player, controlling the character Commander Shepard, has taken on the responsibility of saving the galaxy from certain extinction. In “Mass Effect 2,” Shepard must battle whatever force is causing numerous human colonies to disappear. “Mass Effect 3” hit store shelves in March 2012. This time Earth has been overtaken and Shepard is the only hope for salvation.

The “Mass Effect 3” level “Aria: Eclipse” takes place in the Citadel Embassies. You are originally tasked with releasing the imprisoned Eclipse leader Jona Sedaris. She can be released by Commander Bailey if you decide to use your Spectre status. If you don’t want to release her, head to the Docks: Holding Area and meet Seyn, Sedaris’ second in command. Convince him to take control of the Eclipse. He can do this one of two ways: release and kill Sedaris, or let her rot in jail. Seyn will go along with whichever method you choose.