On rupauls drag race wat rules did willem break to get kicked off?

Nearly a week after the episode aired on TV, no official word or specific reason had been given for contestant Willam Belli's disqualification from RuPaul's Drag Race, which occurred on the 19 March 2012 episode of the show.

There has been much speculation since - and statements by those who claim to have been "in the know", saying that they heard the rumor weeks ago, including a writer at online mag Seattle Gay Scene - that Belli was booted because he used a cell phone or computer without authorization.

Contestants sign a contract requiring them to be sequestered during the show's shooting period and have no contact with the outside world to avoid leaks about show info before episodes air on TV.

The online blog by Entertainment Weekly published a post-show interview with Belli himself the day after the show aired, but the entertainer mainly made a lot of jokes about his exit and did not offer any real explanation, only stating that he "wasn’t caught doing anything", and that he admitted everything he did and brought it to everyone's attention.