Was brandi from storage wars a stripper?

There are no credible sources that state that Brandi Passante was ever a stripper in her past.

On the “Storage Wars” special “Unlocked: Buy Low,” Brandi and Jarrod said they had worked together when they first met, but did not state exactly where. The couple isn’t technically married, but A&E lists them as such in their bios.

Jarrod says, “I am more married than any married man in this world. I guarantee it.” The couple have been together for more than a dozen years.

At the moment Passante is involved in a nasty lawsuit against a man she claims has posted faked adult images, and even a dirty video of her online, as well as selling merchandise that uses her likeness without permission.

She's been very upset about the whole thing, losing sleep and even feeling physically ill over people thinking she was involved in such things; and to add insult to injury many people that downloaded the video found their computers got infected with a virus!

Brandi isn't the only one from Storage Wars to be involved in a lawsuit; Dave Hester is involved in a lawsuit against the show claiming that he was fired after blowing the whistle on the show. He claims that the show is staged, bidding is rigged, and that a certain female cast member had plastic surgery to enhance her bust-line, all paid for by the show!

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