Was brandi from storage wars a stripper?

Brandi Passante gave interview of sorts, in conjunction with the Storage Wars season premiere, as she answered tons of fan questions on Twitter on topics including her and Jarrod’s marital status, Dave Hester’s departure, and that whole “stripper” rumor thing:

“This might be a crazy question but did you used to be a stripper or is that a wild story”
”NO never!”

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Brandi Passante is well-known as the level-headed, reasonable voice in the sometimes chaotic and dramatic world of Storage Wars. But the California native is much more than just a buyer. She’s also a successful business owner, a mother of two and even a pretty talented cook.

As she continues to find quasi-buried treasures for her store Now & Then, which she co-runs with her husband Jarrod Schulz, Passante is always on the lookout for the money-making find. Here’s what you need to know about the reality TV star shared by Heavy.com.

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Tuesday, January 24 2017
Source: http://starcasm.net/archives/218186