Why is Sean Rich not on the new episodes of Pawn Stars?

Sean Rich is no longer appearing on Pawn Stars. Apparently the History Channel wanted Sean to sign an exclusive contact with them that would keep him from appearing elsewhere.

According to Sean, they didn't want to reimburse him very well for his time and expertise so he chose to step down. Rich says he does not blame his friends, the Harrisons, only the network and production company.

Rick often called Rich to determine the authenticity of antique firearms. Sean is considered to be an expert in antique gunsmithing, arms and armor. He also has his own business, Tortuga Trading Co.

During Summer 2012, Rich was said to be filming a new reality show, and Lords of War finally premiered in February 2013, Wednesday night at 9:00pm on the National Geographic Channel. The NatGeo series travels around the country searching for unique weapons and military collectables at auctions, and Rich and his team test, appraise, and auction off all kinds of memorabilia.

Tuesday, March 12 2013