How many vehicles does Barry Wiess from STORAGE WARS own? Mary M.

Sources suggest that Barry Weiss' current collection consists of 5 cars:

The Cowboy Cadillac, which was built by Frank Derosa and is one of the more famous cars in L.A.

The Red International, which is said to be his favorite, and one he'll never sell.

The Yellow Hot Rod, another of his favorites, but one he rarely drives due to its high value.

Barry's Cool Old Panel Wagon, bought in 1999 and completely restored.

Lastly, a Taunas Tuning Atras car is Barry's newest addition.

Weiss (The Collector) on A&E's Storage Wars, worked in the produce business for 20 years before retiring. He owned a company with his brother, importing and exporting wholesale fruits and vegetables. There are rumors that he is secretly a movie producer.

In Storage Wars buzz, Dave Hester has filed a lawsuit against show producers claiming he received the boot after complaining about illegal storage locker manipulation. One of part of the lawsuit also accuses producers of forcing “less than photogenic cast members of Storage Wars to have plastic surgery." Some fans speculate that Brandi Passante is just one surgery recipient.

Thursday, December 13 2012