Are ka 1772 italy 925 silver necklaces real?

Yes. KA 1772® is a registered trademark owned by KARIZIA s.r.l.

They use this trademark for jewellery made of precious metal and in the form of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, body rings, finger rings and toe rings.

The beauty and elegance that comes with a sterling silver chain make it a must-have accessory in our wardrobes. This is a valuable inclusion in your collections that makes you stand out in whatever outfit you choose for a particular day or occasion. When sourcing for one, it is important to put into consideration several factors since it comes in many varieties.

To get an original quality chain, it is important to understand the various jewelry designs available. Before going to shop to add to your collections, consider these tips to get a deal you won't get regrets in the future shared by

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