Are ka 1772 italy 925 silver necklaces real?

Not Financial Advice: Yes, as KA 1772® is a registered trademark owned by KARIZIA s.r.l. They use this trademark for jewellery made of precious metal and in the form of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, body rings, finger rings and toe rings.

Sterling silver also known as 925 silver (composed of 92.5% silver and the remaining is made up of nickel or copper), it is marked as "Sterling", abbreviation "STER" or number value "925". But markings can be faked. Check out some tips for testing the sterling silver at eBay.

While jewellery and fashion have long been entwined, in the mid-1990s, both costume and fine jewellery lacked innovation. They were caught in a no man’s land of mass-produced chain-store brands, and failed to find a new direction during the recession. Find out more at The Conversation.

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