Is there a number to text that I can talk dirty to for free.

Must Be 18:

There aren't any sexting services which will connect you with a partner at no cost. All the numbers we found charge some kind of fee, either per text, or per group of texts.

You might try any of the free social websites where you can look for, and even post "personals" for others interested in similar activities.

Most of these people use Instant Message apps like Yahoo! Messenger, MSM Messenger, and AIM, but you can post a request for anyone who might care to text instead, if you don't feel like trying an instant messenger app.

Two free communities we found on LiveJournal where one can post "personal ads" are AOL_Sex, and MSN_Sex.

Most experts agree that there's no harm in sexting as long as it does not become a obsession which causes one to lose interest in real life relationships.

Remember that when sexting you're trying to engage your partners' minds, the phrase "less is more" can be very accurate when thinking about sexting.

Try teasing, describing things in detail rather then just being dirty.

Updated on Thursday, July 26 2012 at 07:18PM EDT