I travel the world and I'm drunk constantly who am I?

The answer is water!

Water is a basic molecule made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When these three atoms come together, they form a strong bond that is difficult to break. The strength of this bond keeps a water molecule together for millions and even billions of years.

Covering more than 70% of the surface of the earth, scientists believe that the quantity of water on Earth does not change appreciatively over time. In other words, the quantity of water that is on Earth today is the same quantity that was on the earth during the reign of the dinosaurs.

Just in! We've all heard that you're supposed to drink 8 glasses of water each day to keep your body happy, healthy, and slim. That specific amount is hotly debated, with some experts saying that your total fluid intake can include water, juice, milk, and any juicy fruits and veggies you eat. To help you get your daily dose of hydration, there are four tips to drink more water. Find them out at ABC News.

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