Howv old is chase of swamp people

It doesn’t appear that Chase Landry of the History Channel’s Swamp People has revealed his age or birth date to the public. The most recent news article written about him speculates that he looks just like a 22-year-old version of his dad Troy.

Chase is Troy’s youngest son. Season 3 is the first season of Swamp People he has been in. So far in this season Chase has not spent much time on camera.

In recent months, stars of Swamp People have appeared three times in the media. In April 2012, Trapper Joe (Joseph La Font) and his stepson, Swamp People co-star Tommy Chauvin (Trigger Tommy) were in a five-car pileup. Neither were injured. On May 14, 2012 co-star Mitchell Guist was found dead of natural causes. In June 2012, Trapper Joe was arrested in Florida for alleged assault and battery charges.

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