How old is Brandi Passante from storage wars?

As of February 2012, Brandi Passante was 31 years old, but her birth date is not publicly available so she may be 32 by now. Her partner, Jarrod Schulz, is 35. The couple have been together for 12 years and reside in Lake Forrest, California with their children.

On October 30, 2012, the Chicago Tribune reported that Passante is taking Hunter Moore, the owner of the website Is Anyone Up, to court claiming that he published fake, compromising, adult-in-nature photos and videos of her. The suit says that she's "experienced anxiety, loss of sleep and physical illness" after finding out about the videos and photos.

Just in! Dave Hester, who many will remember from Storage Wars, is also involved in a lawsuit. He's claiming that he was unfairly fired, and that the show is staged (he even claims that a female member of the cast had plastic surgery to enhance her sex appeal for the series; all paid for by the show!) Hmmmm...we wonder who.