Who plays the blonde bartender on charlie sheens new show anger management

Stand-up comic Brett Butler (born Brett Anderson on January 30, 1958 in Montgomery, Alabama). Butler actually was a waitress at a bar before becoming an entertainment star.

Her first professional acting role was in 1988 on the TV series Dolly. She would later appear on such series as The Larry Sanders Show (1995), Ellen (1997), and The Drew Carey Show (1997), as well as starring in her own series Grace Under Fire (1993-1998).

Her show was eventually cancelled due to her issues with addiction. Producers Carsey-Werner concluded that her addiction to painkillers left her in no condition to continue working; she sought treatment after that, and has been clean and sober for about 13 years now.

Sheen got a 10 episode deal with the FX network, which included ratings targets for at least 8 of the 10 shows. When the first series met or beat those targets, FX ordered 90 new episodes!

However, FX may be a little concerned now that the second season has started as the ratings are nowhere near that of season 1 (falling from their previous high of over 5.7 million viewers to 1.8 million for the current premiere.)

In other surprising news, Charlie Sheen is soon to be a grandfather; his 28 year old daughter Cassandra is expecting! No word yet on a gender or due date.

Wednesday, January 23 2013
Source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0124843/