How did korilla cheat on "the great food truck race"?

Korilla BBQ was disqualified from the second season of The Great Food Truck Race for adding money to their sales earning out of their own pockets.

According to the Food Network, every dollar earned must correspond with a receipt of sale. Korilla BBQ’s cash total was $2,700 more than their receipt total. Korilla BBQ says they would never cheat, but are legally unable to divulge details because of a non-disclosure contract.

In _The Great Food Truck Race, six teams made up of family members and best friends hit the road as first-time food truck operators to cook their way along the California coast. Each week, the teams that sell the most food race on to the next episode; the losing team drives home. In the end, one food truck remains, and the team behind the wheel wins the $50,000 grand prize.

The Great Food Truck Race is not currently airing on Food Network. You can browse Food Network's current schedule or check out The Great Food Truck Race Episodes.

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