How much is Rob Dyrdek worth?

Skateboarder Rob Dyrdek turned pro at the age of 16. His early sponsorship deals involved companies like DC Shoes and Alien Workshop. Instead of just skating and cashing his checks, he invested in acquiring equity in his sponsors’ companies and learned about the business. Thus was born Rob Dyrdek—the entrepreneur. A toy line, clothing lines, feature film, shoe company, body spray, video games and a snowboard-centric hotel, among other efforts, have established him as having a head for business.

With so many sources of income, it is difficult to pin down exactly how much money Dyrdek is worth. The consensus is that his net worth is $15M+. It was reported that in 2009 alone he made $75M. What isn’t clear is how much of that revenue goes into Dyrdek’s pocket and how much is redirected/reinvested back to his companies or other investors, or how much goes toward funding projects like “Safe Spot Skate Spot.” This is a project of Dyrdek’s aimed at building safe skate parks through Los Angeles.

His salary for the MTV reality show “Rob & Big” is rumored to have been $30,000 or $60,000 for each of the show’s 31 episodes. His next MTV reality project, “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” upped his salary to $140,000 per episode. This means that show alone has added another $6M+ to his wallet.

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