What happens when u call 1800-try-little-c

The 1-800-Try-Little-C phone number is a quirky ad campaign from the Little Caesars pizza chain.

If you call it, and get through you will get a message chastising you for calling the number and then warning you not to visit ForbiddenPizzaWebsite.com, "you will definitely regret it."

Should you ignore that warning, and go to the web site, you'll see a text field to enter your address and hear a voice that says "Why have you come here? This is your final warning. Do not type your address below," and when you click in the text field another warning says "no, No, NO! Don't type your address."

If you continue to ignore the warnings, enter your home's address, and click on the "DON'T CLICK THIS" button, a page will come up with a Google Map street view of the address with little animated ghosts haunting it.