What dose Miranda Lambert's tattoo mean on her left arm? *<2 TYKO 2>*

Miranda Lambert at the Lorain County FairThe tattoo on the left inner forearm of Miranda Lambert (born Miranda Leigh Lambert on November 10, 1983 in Lindale, Texas) is a pair of crossed six shooter guns with large angel wings behind each revolver.

She hasn’t disclosed the meaning of the design, however angel wings carry the meaning of protection and guidance. Gun designs represent strength, power and the desire to fight for what you believe in and can symbolize peace acting against gun violence.

Lambert is credited with 14 soundtracks from Austin City Limits in 2006 to the performer of Run Daddy Run in The Hunger Games (2012).

She also has a single acting credit. On February 8, 2012 she appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, playing Lacy Ford.

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