If i put too much vinegar in my coleslaw what ingredient can i use to tone the taste down?

If you put too much vinegar in coleslaw add more cabbage, oil, mayonnaise or sugar to the recipe.

You can also rinse your coleslaw in water and then re-add the wet ingredients if you have more on hand.

Some vinegars can be too acidic. Use a mellow aged vinegar, or a red wine vinegar that has been on your shelf for at a year in your recipes. Malt vinegar has a sweeter taste than some vinegars. White Balsamic vinegar has a very strong taste.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular vinegars used to make coleslaw. Consumed alone it can help prevent indigestion, soothe a sore throat, cure hiccups, settle an upset stomach, get rid of bad breath, and whiten teeth.

Southern Living offers tips on how to make the perfect coleslaw.

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Friday, October 24 2014
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