how does a roku work?

What the Roku does is it connects to its channels over your current internet connection and displays the content on your TV. So, if you have a Netflix account for example, Roku would connect to your account and just show your movies or TV shows from Netflix on your TV. But you are not only limited to content from Netflx.

Roku has a number of channels/services that it shows, including Hulu Plus, Amazon videos, NBA TV, NHL TV, You Tube and much more. All of this content it gets over the internet as an alternative to using Satellite or Cable.

You can check what you need to enjoy Roku at home at Roku Support FAQ.

Roku is a little box that was first designed to deliver movies from Netflix instantly to the TV, via the internet. It now includes over 1,000 channels and 31,000 movies and you can buy Roku players starting at only $39.99.

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Tuesday, December 17 2013


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