Does parsley tea make you urinate a lot

Not Medical Advice: Yes. Parsley tea is known to cause frequent urination. This is because parsley is one of the most powerful natural diuretics. A diuretic is a substance that tends to increase the discharge of urine. Because it also helps to reduce bacteria, drinking parsley tea is considered a great way to fight bladder infections.

It's highly recommended to drink plenty of water when drinking parsley tea, to prevent dehydration. Parsley tea can be made by boiling 2 bunches of parsley in 4 cups of water for 20 minutes, then straining.

Parsley tea should be avoided at all costs by pregnant women, as it can induce premature labor. Parsley tea is also used to flush the kidneys, bring on menstruation, and treat high blood pressure. There's no one exact dosage recommended, but 6 ounces a day has been shown to be effective. A few cups a day is a safe dosage as well, and it may be better to drink a few cups a day when fighting a bladder infection.

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