What year or years did douglas macintosh the baliff of the peoples court play football and for whom during those years

Rumor has it that Douglas McIntosh used to play football for the New England Patriots team. However, there are no records of him playing with the team or any other team either.

Douglas McIntosh serves as Court Officer on "The People's Court." His duties include assisting Judge Milian in maintaining courtroom order, as well as serving as an intermediary between the Judge and the litigants.

McIntosh's popularity with "The People's Court" audience has led to recurring roles as police officers on the acclaimed daytime dramas "One Life to Live" and "All My Children."

It’s not uncommon to see sports stars turn to music, movies or TV for a second career once their playing days are done, but for some famous faces, that heydey on the field or court barely registered a blip on the celebrity radar. Here are 25 well-known faces who you might not know were athletes before they were famous shared by Foxsports.com.

Thursday, August 17 2017
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