What does carlos ruiz's nickname ''chooch'' mean?

Catcher Carlos Ruiz of the Philadelphia Phillies is called "Chooch" because of a clubhouse joke. His teammates originally referred to him as "chucha," which is the Colombian word for "underarm odor." Ruiz understands Colombian because he's from Panama, which borders Colombia.

The media began using the name "Chooch" for him after pitcher Antonio Alfonseca referred to him as "chucha" in a television interview in 2008. "Chooch" then caught on with his teammates and fans as well.

Carlos Ruiz is having his best season ever so far in 2012. Though it's only about 2 months into the season, Ruiz has achieved the highest batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage of his career. With a .362 batting average, .417 on-base percentage, and .587 slugging percentage, Ruiz is currently the 4th best hitter in Major League Baseball and the best hitting catcher as well.

Carlos Ruiz

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