Is the tv show Breaking Bad based on a true story?

Actor Dean Norris ("Hank") poses with a fan at the Breaking Bad Screening Lab in HollywoodAMC’s smash hit series Breaking Bad about Walter White, a chemistry teacher who operates a meth lab is not based on a true story.

Creator Vince Gilligan confessed that he remembers talking to a writer friend about quitting writing and starting another career, maybe cooking meth.

Gilligan said, "Obviously, we were joking. But this character sprung into my head. I've never had that happen to me before."

Fans of the show are anxiously waiting for the fifth season which is promised to be yet another rollercoaster ride of surprises, but are also a little sad to know that this will be the final season for the series.

The only hint Gilligan gave about what to expect is that he missed having Jesse and Walt interact more, "So maybe you'll see them a bit more together this season."

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