What are the rules/ how do you play 'slurred: the a to z drinking game'?

Below are the details on how to play Slurred the A to Z Drinking Game:

Spin the wheel and be the first to shout out the answer and score a point. Answer incorrectly, or if no one has an answer, then the drinking begins!


Set Up: Fill each player's glass with beverage of choice. Decide who goes first... Players also pick which category ring will be used for the game: white or yellow.

Beginning A Round: First player spins one time to select category, player spins agan to determine letter to be played.

Giving Answer: Once spinner stops, first plaer calls out word related to category and beginning with letter the spinner lands on, scores point.

Penalties: If none of the players have answer, everyone drinks. If player gives answer unrelated to category, that player drinks. If two players say the same word simultaneously, everyone else must drink. If two players say a different related word simultaneously, those players spin to determine which will drink...

Challenge: Below each letter is group of blocks. Each time a correct answer given, everyone must follow the color-coded drinking chart printed on board. A drink is equal to one mouthful of liquid. Player refues to drink is out of game.

Ending A Round: Winner of turn spins for the next letter and a new turn begins. Winner of the third letter in a round spins to choose new category and starts next round.

Determining A Winner: one point awarded every correct answer given. Player with highest total at end of five rounds or the last player remaining is winner.

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