Can you go over 21 in shuffleboard?

This game is designed to be played to 21 points (4 players) and 15 points (2 players). But unless specified, you can extend if if you’re feeling especially competitive.

The objective of the game is to slide, by hand, all four of one’s weights alternately against those of an opponent, so that they reach the highest scoring area without falling off the end of the board into the alley.

A player’s weight(s) must be farther down the board than his opponent’s weight(s), in order to be in scoring position. This may be achieved either by knocking off the opponent’s weight(s), or by outdistancing them.

After all weights in a round have been shuffled, the player whose leading weight is the farthest away from the playing end is the winner of the round. The winner’s score is then determined by adding the values of all his leading weights, which lie ahead of the loser’s leading weight.

For more info, refer to's SHUFFLEBOARD TABLE GAME RULES.

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