In the Pictionary board game, the blue dice has a peace sign on it. What does this side of the dice enforce you to do while playing this game?

Peace sign (Two images)- Every Picturist must draw two pictures from this card. One picture must be the one from the correct category (i.e., the right color) while the second picture can be any other one from the card.

The Challenge Die's five different symbols test players’ skills through five play options:

A pencil - No special Challenges for this card. It's traditional PICTIONARY.
Off Hand - picturists must use their off hand to draw the picture. So, if you're right-handed, draw with your left hand. And vice versa.
Eyes Closed - Here you must draw with your eyes closed. No peeking or you forfeit the round. You can look up at the ceiling if that's easier.
One line - Now you can only use one line when drawing a picture. Once the pencil hits the paper, it cannot be lifted for any reason. If a picturist lifts the pencil, his/her team loses the round.

See Pictionary Rules at Hasbro.

Pictionary was released in 1985 and has been a popular party game ever since. The game involves advancing a game piece along a board, but differs from other other board games in that teams of players must draw things for each other and successfully interpret each other's drawings to advance on the board.

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