what are the rules for the Turkish card game, Americano?

Turkish card game Amerikano is known as a kind of rummy to the rest of the world.

Amerikano is played with 106-card pack (2 packs of 52 and 2 Jokers); each player is dealt 13 cards and the aim is to finish the cards in hand by forming set and sequence combinations, before other players as in all of the Rummy type games. The main object is to get the least points in total of the 13 rounds.

There are two features that make Amerikano unique and different from other Rummy type games:

Keys of Rounds: Each round requires that players construct predefined combinations as their first meld.

Picking the top card from the Discard Pile: Player may “steal” the card in the discard pile if all of the players before him/her pass.

Amerikano is a unique and addicting card game from the Rummy family. It is quite similar to internationally known card games Contract Rummy and Carioca. It is a dynamic, challenging and fun card game that also requires strategy and memory.

You can download the Amerikano app on iTunes, available in English and Turkish version.

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