How much is four nines in the card game crib

In the card game crib or cribbage, if 4 cards are the same (6 pairs), it is 12 points. If all 4 cards of the hand are the same kind (excluding starter), it is 4 points.

Points of the cribbage game:

Go = 1

Pair = 2

3 cards the same (3 pairs) = 6

4 cards the same (6 pairs) = 12

Run of 3 cards and more = 1 point per card

Any cards combination making 15 = 2

Jack of the same kind as the starter card= 1

All 4 cards of the hand are the same kind (excluding starter)* = 4

All 5 cards of the hand are the same kind (including starter) = 5

Note:* Some players will count only the 5 card flush for the crib hand.

Cribbage is a game for two to four players and uses the standard 52-card pack. The cards in each suit rank from the king (the highest) down to the ace (the lowest). In counting or numerical value, the king, queen, jack, and 10 each count for 10 (and so are called tenth cards), the ace counts as one, and the other cards are face value.

The game operates on the principle of matching combinations of cards: pairs, three or more of a kind, flushes, runs (sequences), and groups of cards that add up to 15. Players score points for matching both during and after play (after play, points are totaled for combinations in hand). The first person to score 121 points is the winner.

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