Who played the Mom on the Tv show Webster?

Susan Clark played the role of Webster Long’s adoptive mom, Katherine Calder-Young Papadapolis, in the the 80s sitcom "Webster".

She is called “Ma’am” by Webster, who chose to call her that because he thought it was the closest he could get to calling her “Mom” without disrespecting his birth mother.

Tall, light-haired Canadian actress rose to prominence portraying two seminal female figures in TV-movie biographies in the mid-1970s.

Clark won an Emmy as athlete Babe Didrickson Zaharias in a "Babe" (CBS, 1975) and earned praise and an Emmy nomination as aviation pioneer "Amelia Earhart" (NBC, 1976).

Since the early 80s, Clark has often worked in tandem with her husband, former football star Alex Karras. The couple formed Georgian Bay Productions and went on to star alongside child actor Emmanuel Lewis in "Webster" (ABC, 1983-87, syndicated 1987-88).

Clark played a socialite/consumer advocate/psychologist who becomes the adoptive mother of a young African American. - Hollywood.com

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