When will The Tick be stream in Amazon video?

Superheroes are everywhere these days, on the big screen and small. Recent grim 'n' gritty adaptations have strayed a long way from their colourful comic book origins, but fortunately "The Tick" is a perfect antidote to those darker Marvel and DC adaptations -- although it's picked up one or two of their bad habits on the way.

Streaming starting Friday on Amazon Video, "The Tick" is a new version of the spoof superhero created by Ben Edlund, previously seen in a madcap 1994 cartoon and short-lived 2001 live action series

A hilariously cheerful Peter Serafinowicz stars as the big blue bulletproof buddy whose powers are super strength and boundless optimism. He joins forces with Arthur, a meek accountant with a tragic backstory played by Griffin Newman, to go mano a monomyth with a city gripped by crime. As the Tick himself puts it, it's "a struggle as old as time -- but with a beat you can dance to." Read more at CNET.

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