In which episode did the character Gordon Cole make his first appearance?

David Lynch made his first appearance as the previously unseen Gordon Cole in "Episode 13", or, "Demons" - the sixth episode of the second season of Twin Peaks, and the fourteenth episode overall.

Until now, his character has only been heard over the phone. He’s revealed to have severe hearing impairment, complete with ancient-looking aids, and thus shouts everything he speaks and rarely registers responses correctly.

"Demons" was aired on November 3rd, 1990.

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James and Donna reaffirm their love after he saves her and Maddy from Harold Smith's angry attack, but are forced to leave Laura's secret diary behind. Cooper informs Ben of his rescue of Audrey from One-Eyed Jacks, and Truman identifies Jean Renault as the mastermind behind the whole thing. Later, Gordon Cole, Cooper's boss, arrives in Twin Peaks to assist Cooper's investigation and to help find the mysterious one-armed man who holds a clue to the identify of Laura Palmer's killer. Cole also delivers a chess moves message from the fugitive Windom Earle. Meanwhile, Bobby and Shelly bring the catatonic Leo home from the hospital to care for him, but they are disappointed of the low amount of insurance money they get. Big Ed continues to deal with the crazy Nadine and her super-human powers, while Jonathan threatens Josie that he will kill Sheriff Truman if she refuses to return to Hong Kong with him. Josie then demands the insurance money for the sawmill from Ben who gives her Mr.....

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