When your in prison what exactly does your pe/te date mean?

Not Legal Advice: PE/TE date means the sentence length, offense, minimum required time to be served before transfer/parole eligibility, jail time credit, class status and release dates.

PE stands for 'Parole Eligible' while TE stands for 'Transfer Eligible'.

Transfer Eligible (TE) is for the transfer of inmates, who have committed certain crimes, to 'parole' status. They are assigned with a 'transfer eligibility (TE) date.'

“Parole” is the release of an inmate into the community prior to the expiration of the sentence, subject to conditions imposed by the Board and to supervision. Supervision is accomplished on behalf of the Board by Parole/Probation Officers, also referred to as “supervision officers”

EPA stands for Emergency Powers Act. Due to overcrowding in Arkansas prisons, it was enacted to allow the release of inmates who are within 90 days of their parole date. There is also the expanded EPA which has gone into effect a few times which allows the release of inmates who are within 1 yr. of their parole date.

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