What does ORG mean on an illinois drivers license

'ORG' identifies your drivers license as the original. 'COR' on the other hand means your drivers license has been corrected. 'DUP' means duplicate.

Beginning in July 2016, you will no longer be issued a new permanent driver's license, commercial driver's license (CDL), state identification card or Commercial Learner's permit (CLP) at the end of the application process for any card type: original (initial or renewal), duplicate, or corrected. Instead you will leave the facility with a temporary secure paper document called a Temporary Driver's License (DL/CDL), Temporary State Identification (ID) Card or Temporary CLP.

This document will:

• be valid for 90 days

• serve as your driver's license/learner's permit for driving purposes if application for Temporary DL or Temporary CLP

• serve as proof of identification for Temporary DL/CDL or Temporary State ID

• contain a photo and the basic information that appears on the permanent DL/CDL, State ID or CLP

• can be duplicated at a Secretary of State facility for the appropriate fee, if lost or stolen.

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